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Inspiration here

Ze first thing you want to do is to buy just a plain white tee, I got mine at Micheal’s for like four dollars, and have also used a shirt from Foreves for a similar project.

Look how heinous it starts out haha. Then, cut off the neck, sleeves, and bottom hem of the shirt. For the neck and bottom, just follow the hem. For the shoulders, I did mine at an slanted angle so the top would be wider than the bottom.

I crossed the shirt over so the sleeves lined up, but it’s kind of an ass to cut.

You’ll need black fabric paint, a paint brush, and something to put the fabric paint in.

Ok so I used a dowel (any excuse to go into my dad’s garage, it smells so fucking good in there) but if you don’t have one lurking around, you can use a ruler, or something along those lines, just something that is the width you want for the cross. What’s nice about the wood is that I was able to kind of wrap the fabric around the wood so it was really easy to paint.

So start painting! Be careful, I was kind of an idiot about it and got paint all over the shirt…It looks ok though so whateva. Make sure to measure how long you want you want both sets of lines! I just used the length of my paintbrush.

Here’s the finished product!

I might do something else with the back but I haven’t decided yet…Make sure to wait until the paint is fully dry before you wear out your new masterpiece! Oh and wash your hands every time you get paint on them if you don’t want the weird little speckles that are on mine! Thanks for reading babes xxoo

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