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Hookay so go to Michael’s or some other craft store and get some chain. I got like like 90 inches for four dollars.

Ok I used two pairs of pliers, but you def don’t need to if you don’t have butter fingers. Measure around your head, and then you want to peel the chain link apart with your pliers


So I held the link with one pair of pliers, while I used the other pair to pull them apart. So once you’ve gotten the size of your head, get that length of chain and then re-link the chain to create a circle. If you screw up the size of your head (I had a length of chain that was too short the first time) that’s fine, because you can always reconnect the chain. Here’s a picture of a pulled apart link

So then try on your complete circle around your head to make sure it fits and is comfortable-remember you can always adjust length. Then use the rest of your chain to reattach it to your circle. Center part your hair with the attached long length at the back of your head. Bring it forward so it rests atop your center part, and then choose the link that you want to break away from the long length of chain and attach to your circle. 

You can tell which circle goes around your head because it is shorter. This is just one chain, but of course you can add more for a bit of a waterfall affect, and you can add stuff and use more interesting chain. I got awesome silver chain link but I didn’t buy enough…Anyway here’s finished product!

Again, let me know if this tutorial was helpful, and if you have any tips for me to add, let me know. Also if it sucked and made no sense haha. If you’re having trouble, I would prefer if you could ask NON anon so I can answer them directly! Thanks for reading!! xxoo

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